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Here at the Orange Box we welcome parent involvement and feedback. We believe it is important to reassure parent and guardians about the centre and its staff before your son/daughter becomes a member; particularly if your child is under 16.

We have therefore compiled a selection of Questions & Answers which parents might find helpful. We will also reply to queries sent to the Orange Box email address –

What are the benefits of my child using Orange Box?

Orange Box is a young person’s centre offering a range of opportunities and activities in the arts, media, cooking, sports and enterprise. It also is a safe haven for young people who enjoy more recreational activities such as pool and table tennis.

Will my son/daughter be safe at Orange Box?

Orange Box is a friendly, relaxed and safe environment for young people to have fun and explore new opportunities. The centre has a clear health and safety policy which was drawn up with close reference to the Home Office ‘The Safe from Harm’ document. Orange Box staff and volunteers constantly strive to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of its members. Having a clear equal opportunities policy on race, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation and disability, all staff are trained to safeguard members against harm, harassment and abuse, whilst ensuring members comply with Orange Box’s Rules of Behaviour. Orange Box does not tolerate bullying, bad language, fighting, underage drinking, smoking or drug use.

Staff supervising the bouldering wall and roof top skate park receive full training and induction on the facility and equipment. All staff are qualified first aiders.

Additionally all staff and volunteers have current enhanced DBS clearance.

All equipment at Orange Box is properly maintained and is kept in a good state of repair. Staff will always be equipped with hand-held radios, to call for immediate emergency assistance in the unlikely event of an accident.

Users will receive instruction about the safe use of the bouldering tunnel and skate park before being allowed access. Orange Box always encourages users 16 and over to wear safety equipment such as helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. Should they not do so, this is at their own risk but contravening the recommendations of the Orange Box Management Team. Wearing a helmet is compulsory for the under 16s and further safety equipment is recommended. Helmets are available on request and a trained member of staff will be available to help in the adjustment of the straps. No dangerous behaviour will be tolerated. Skate park users are encouraged not to go beyond their skill level.

What is the role of Orange Box volunteers?

There are a number of different roles for Orange Box volunteers including operational, marketing, fundraising and technical support. Youth mentor volunteers also support our younger volunteers. Find out more about volunteering on our Volunteer page.

How are the young people supervised?

During sessions there is always a paid Building Host as well as team workers and volunteers, who are trained in dealing with young people.

Does my son/daughter need to be able to play a musical instrument, before being allowed in the music rooms/recording studio?

Although preferable, not necessarily, as young people wanting to take up a musical instrument do have an opportunity to try out the instruments available. These include drum kits, guitars and keyboards. However there is an extra charge of £3 an hour for the rehearsal rooms and £5 an hour for the recording studio. To find out more about hiring these rooms, go to the Hires page.

Are there any parental controls on Internet Access?

Safeguards and supervision are in place to ensure young people are unable to access inappropriate material on the Internet.

Does my son/daughter have to have my written permission to attend the Orange Box?

Yes, if your child is under 16, as your written consent is required on the registration forms. Registration forms can be found here.

Can my son/daughter get help with employment opportunities?

From time to time Orange Box liaises with other charities that provide educational and employment opportunities. Recently the centre teamed up with charity Project Challenge, supporting a 15 week cooking initiative. The young people involved, learnt to cook a variety of dishes, as well as the operational skills of running a small café.

How do I know if my son/daughter is actually at the Orange Box centre?

All young people have to sign in and out each time they arrive at or leave the building.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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